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Tag Management Systems: Agile Online Marketing Is So Easy

Thanks to targeted use of tags, you can not only control your current campaign, but also perform meaningful A / B testing - and that is not all. With a Tag Management System, you manage and document your collected data centrally and across all platforms.

Put an End to Release Loops

Does it sound familiar: You would like to know how well your new navigation structure works? But in order to find out you need to have a tracking code installed by the IT department and make a release – and that costs you time and money.

A Tag Management System makes this process much easier:

A TMS works with a so-called "Universal Tag", a piece of JavaScript code that your IT inserts on all sides of the website, and that is all they have to do for the time being.

This is because in the TMS you define which tags are to be installed and under what conditions they are to be executed. The Universal Tag takes over the work of IT at this point and loads the tracking codes into your page.

Top 5 Advantages of a TMS

  1. Independence

    Publish and customise tags without website releases or IT resources.

  2. Clarity

    Central administration and documentation of the tags across all platforms.

  3. Easy testing

    Thanks to a preview, you can test the quality of the tag before it goes live.

  4. Tag library

    Ready-to-use tags facilitate the creation of common tracking tags with no developer know-how.

  5. Innovation driver

    A TMS not only saves you time and money, it also allows you to test and evaluate new ideas faster.

Our Offer for Tag Management Systems

Our team has amassed considerable know-how. In our work we are standard-oriented and tool-independent. Our experience enables us to flexibly implement customer-specific requirements. This is how we support you successfully in your digital marketing:

Consulting and evaluation – We help you define your requirements and together with you evaluate the appropriate tool.

Implementation and training – We create the concept of integration, accompany the implementation and carry out the testing. In order to be able to successfully use your TMS, we offer training courses for the users.

Optimisation – In addition to your own resources, we offer support in data interpretation. We help you optimise conversion and offer coaching sessions, so that you can successfully anchor the optimisation culture.

Service – After successful commissioning of the tool, we will gladly accompany you further. We guarantee operation, hosting and support for your tool 365 days a year. We also offer individual response time arrangements.

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