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Make Decisions Based on Data

Customers have different needs in different phases of their customer journey: Users in the information phase of their user journey have fundamentally different needs than users who are about to make a decision. The question of whether the information we provide to users is immediately relevant is becoming more important. Smart segmentation of analyses forms the foundation of digital marketing that is tailored to your target groups.

A selection of our Digital Marketing projects

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Proviande Genossenschaft

It’s All About the Little Things takes the marketing communications that were previously spread and bundles them all into one digital platform. Their goal is to use relevant and interesting content to convey the message of “the little things”.

It’s All About the Little Things
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Froneri Switzerland S.A.

A Complex B2B Shop Made Easy

Unic developed a new webshop for Froneri based on Magento technology. The result is a comprehensive product in a responsive design, in which users can access their products and the information individually tailored to them with just a few clicks.

A Complex B2B Shop Made Easy

How to Be Relevant

How do you interact with your customers? A deep dive into your data will reveal a lot about that. Our industry-specific knowledge and our expertise in digital marketing will help us provide a nuanced assessment of where you stand. Following this step, we will identify the strategic actions that need to be undertaken.

Together, we can create effective touchpoints with your customers. We will develop concepts, measures to increase traffic and optimise conversion and much more. Whatever it takes to achieve your digital marketing goals.

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Our experts share their knowledge

Carmen CandinasJune 2021

Content from A to ZKB

Content is at the heart of every digital platform. That is why Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) placed a special focus on its content during the bank’s relaunch project. We supported Zürcher Kantonalbank in their content optimisation, including analysis, content generation and publishing.

Content from A to ZKB

Carmen Candinas

David KeuschApril 2021

Mobile Tickets: Convenience for Train Attendants and Travellers

Read more about how we have successfully improved online ticket sales via e-mail with SBB based on Inxmail Commerce.

Mobile Tickets: Convenience for Train Attendants and Travellers

David Keusch

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