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High-quality Website for Efficient and Targeted Marketing Communication

The new website is attractive and informative, offering a tasty buffet of knowledge for fans of meat and cooking. takes the look and content of a premium food magazine and presents it in a way that best serves how we read and search for information in digital media today. It provides a central digital hub for marketing communications for the “Schweizer Fleisch” brand. The aim is to convince users that they are taking the right decision when they purchase meat produced in Switzerland.


The Little Things That Make the Difference for Users

The new website conveys detailed knowledge about cooking and ingredients. It offers over 400 meat-based recipes with a detailed search function, along with extended commentary pieces and background information on sustainable local production. uses journalistic formats here such as reports, commentary pieces and stories. The focus is always on the people, with farmers, butchers and producers telling their stories to put a personal face on the products.

Digital Marketing on the Fly

Thriving in the cut-throat food-platform market is all about having a good ranking and being as visible as possible in search engines. uses structured content and semantic HTML, as well as a comprehensive taxonomy to make content visible. Manual and automatically curatable elements allow content editors to create a highly flexible navigation system. Using central keywords, they can quickly set up specific detail pages with automatically generated URLs. A dossier system makes it possible to display further articles or related topics with just a click.

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Giving Users What They Want

The website anticipates questions from users. What should I look out for when buying and preparing meat? How do I cook it properly? What are animal welfare standards like in Switzerland? How do I know good quality when I see it? The type of content and the way it is displayed are tailored to the needs and behavior of users. The target groups enjoy attractively presented content that is clear and easy to read. User-friendly navigation is essential here.


Schweizer Fleisch – Keep Them Coming Back

Generating return visits to the site is about more than just visibility – it also requires relevant, high-quality content. offers content that appeals to all target groups, from consumers and skilled home cooks to professional chefs.


Context-based Communication

A diverse range of content cross-links allows users to find out more and navigate from one story to the next. The “next best click” is not always a call to action, but is instead directly in, next to, below or even above the specific content.

Headless Architecture From Drupal Delivers High Flexibility

The new web project involved covering countless use cases and addressing several challenges. Drupal was the ideal technology for this. This new solution is based on a highly flexible headless architecture. Separating the Drupal CMS from the front end, for example, gives greater flexibility when handling structured data for the recipe filter functions.

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