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Drupal new generation: Smart, versatile and user-friendly

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) that allows you to build complex standard solutions or in-depth individual solutions.

As a content management framework (CMF), Drupal is a digital platform which understands that your content is not published for websites only. This gives you an instrument that delivers your content to the right target group, at the right time, and on the right terminal.

This is how we work with Drupal

«Drupal affinity»: Ecosystem-oriented approach – We will work closely with you: To us, only results count and we make a point of avoiding silos or redundancies.

Quality requirements: Success in the future – Our technical specialists ensure that both architecture as well as general conditions meet current and future digital requirements.

Proven expertise – At Unic, you will meet an experienced, well-trained and dedicated Drupal team that will meet your needs in a professional and sustainable manner.

Security – A dedicated Drupal community ensures that security updates are made available for Drupal's open source code as you go. I this way, safety gaps can be quickly closed.

Open architecture – With its open architecture, Drupal facilitates the integration of a wide range of tools, including the integration into CRM systems.

Flexibility – Because the source code of Drupal is open, anyone can modify and customise it for their purposes. So parts of the source code can be copied or completely exchanged according to your needs.

No license fees – At Drupal you do not pay any license fees.

Drupal at a glance

Designed for users – Drupal is a user-friendly content management framework that allows editors to easily create, maintain, and manage any content.

Up to complex requirements – The existing functionalities and the underlying architecture of the system make the implementation of complex requirements easier.

Versatile – Drupal covers the entire range of today's CMS and Web 2.0 needs - from a simple blog, through a corporate website to a community portal. Drupal is particularly strong in extensive community functionalities - the system also supports a differentiated roles and rights system.

The world's most used programming language – Drupal is currently available in version 8 and is based on PHP and MySQL. Both large and small businesses rely on Drupal. This underlines the versatility and scalability of the system.

Unic is an Organization Member of Drupal Assocation

As part of the international open source community, we are committed to the continued development of Drupal. We engange within the Drupal Community in many ways: 

  • We give talks and participate at the global DrupalCon.
  • We organise regional Drupal Meetups.
  • We contribute to Drupal Core and Contrib modules.
  • We co-organise Drupal initiatives in Switzerland and on a global level.
  • We actively participate in the Drupal 8 Core Admin UI & JavaScript modernisation initiative.
Schiller.ch is displayed for a total of 22 countries in 12 languages using its own sub domains. In Drupal, we have found an efficient solution that makes it intuitive to maintain the content.

These customers trust us with their current Drupal projects

Impressive results at the Splash Awards 2019

At the Swiss Splash Awards, our Drupal projects www.viollier.ch, schulthess-klinik.ch and cashgate.ch have been awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze. Furthermore, our project Viollier won second place at the "Project of the year" ranking.

casestudy schulthess

Leading in orthopaedics and ux

The Schulthess Clinic underwent a complete renewal of its digital presence by implementing a new branding and an improved user experience. With the new, responsive website, the clinic is improving the user experience of patients and referring physicians.