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With the Fooby brand, Coop wants to offer its customers a holistic experience focusing on the issue of eating and cooking. The new culinary offer knows no boundaries between home, supermarket and online services: from cookbook app and cooking school videos through recipe holders in the store and products on the shelves to the shopping list and ordering from Coop@Home. It covers the entire customer journey. The touchpoints are connected with each other when it comes to both content and technology.

As’s technology partner, Unic ensured a smooth user journey thanks to its technical solutions created on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM): a scalable web platform, interfaces for mobile apps and reusable modules installed in all channels are but the highlights of the solution implemented by Unic. Since the beginning of 2018, we have also been supporting in conception, design and frontend implementation.

Customer since
Go Live
February 2017
Fooby with Adobe Experience Manager by Unic
  • 2'200 recipes are already online
  • 3345 hours of work invested
  • 12 people from Unic involved
  • 9 months project duration

Adobe AEM: best practice technologies in action

The web platform has been created by Unic on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) solution. It is robust, scalable and seamlessly integrated with other Coop systems. An JSON interface enables the use of mobile apps. An automated deployment process reduces the effort connected with further development. This allows a fast market launch of new features. The platform’s individual components have been designed to be modular, so that they can be expanded and reused in other locations.

Fooby with Adobe Experience Manager by Unic

High performance and scalability

The platform was built to achieve high performance and scalability. This is why we basically implemented it in a stateless mode. In this way, if necessary the platform can with little effort be scaled horizontally, for example to successfully manage high-load situations.

Fooby with Adobe Experience Manager by Unic

Social features and connection of mobile apps

The platform offers its users various interaction possibilities: likes, comments, sharing and more. We created this feature this using the «AEM Communities» product as well as our own implementation solution based on MongoDB. We also implemented a JSON interface to provide simplified access to CMS data. This facilitates the integration of external and mobile applications.

Fooby with Adobe Experience Manager by Unic

My Fooby – a personalised cook book is always at hand

Thanks to a central search function offered by, users can quickly and easily find the content they want: from recipes through shopping lists to cooking instructions. This has been made possible thanks to the integration of Coop Enterprise Search. An intelligent tag system serves as a source of inspiration. It suggests additional relevant content search to the user. Users can save all content they searched for as well as their own content in the My Fooby area.

Unified user experience – integration of various Coop services

We built in Coop's existing centralised authentication service through a consistent use of AEM standard technologies. User authentication happens in a unified manner. Unified user experience is always at the foreground. To enable the user to search through all recipes, Coops Enterprise Search Service has been integrated with this feature.

Fooby with Adobe Experience Manager by Unic

An agile, cross-functional and cross-company team and revamped software development processes

A cross-functional team composed of representatives of various companies was jointly responsible for the new platform. An agile approach and short release cycles ensure a fast market launch. And this without compromising on high quality of software. Thanks to «Continuous Integration», we are able to ensure that software changes are checked on a permanent basis and in an automatic manner. Since its deployment process is automated, the platform can be rolled out and developed further with minimum effort.

With their technical expertise and agile software development, Unic was the ideal implementation partner for the FOOBY recipe platform. Unic now also provides us with powerful support in the areas of conception, design and front-end.
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