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A New Home for Two Iconic Ibexes

The platform forms the heart of tourism in Graubünden. It is the hub of numerous campaigns, services and information sources. We developed a multisite platform capable of further expansion to be the new home for the iconic ibexes, Gian & Giachen. This platform is able to meet the diverse needs of visitors, Graubünden Tourism and their market partners.

We took Drupal 9 as a basis to develop a digital experience platform that inspires users. The website focuses on providing information, inspiring visitors and simplifying the booking process. The multisite setup and progressive decoupling approach provides Graubünden Tourism with an efficient content management system.

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Multisite Setup Meets Individual Needs

The umbrella brand’s platform,, hosts another 20 websites operated by partners and destinations in the tourism sector. How these tenants are linked to the platform and the content they provide is highly individual. While keeping to the same design specifications, the tenants manage their content completely independently. The multisite setup makes it possible to run several websites from one server and provide several domains.

Every tenant is built using the same technical basis and the same design. Every website benefits equally from new developments and optimisation. For two examples of these tenants, please see Ferienregion Chur and Sport- und Eventanlagen.


Service Architecture Provides a Wide Range of Services

Graubünden Tourism now obtains numerous services and assets from the tourism platform. The service architecture uses an interface to connect to’s central data pool. Graubünden Tourism can use this data pool to add data and assets for a wide range of tourist activities and services to its websites: tours and sights, events and webcams, weather, map data and more – a digital gateway to the Graubünden region and all it has to offer tourists.

Moving Towards a Personalised Holiday Profile

This approach of storing data centrally combined with machine learning will make it possible to generate a personalised user experience in the future. By strategically designing the architecture and intelligently coupling service platforms to Drupal, the content has already been fully categorised and tagged. This means that we will soon be able to seamlessly integrate the first personalisation projects into the platform.


A Website That Feels Like an App

To ensure optimum usability, we have decoupled important frontend features from the backend. On the overview pages, for example, the filtering options have been decoupled. Technically, this enables progressive decoupling of the frontend from the Drupal backend. Users can interact with the website as if it were a native app: they don’t need to refresh the webpage and don’t experience latency.


A True Holiday Feeling

Users are always shown the most important information, regardless of what device they use to access the website. The content is always displayed in a way that is optimised for the device they use. The impressive images of Graubünden and the two charming iconic ibexes, Gian & Giachen, highlight what makes the Graubünden region so special. Subtle and thoughtful frontend animations guide users through the site, conveying a true holiday feeling.

A User Experience for the Editorial Team

Need to create new pages in the blink of an eye while always meeting high design standards? Our backend solutions make this possible. Editors, as well as users, also enjoy high usability in the Drupal CMS. Authorisations and workflows have been fine-tuned so that editors only see the information that they are supposed to (and allowed to) modify. One highlight is the intuitive website-building system, which offers a realistic preview of components. Individual modules can be combined in almost any conceivable way and easily arranged using drag and drop.When taking this kind of multisite approach, which involves a large editorial team and a lot of administrators, it is particularly important that the content can be managed easily and efficiently.


Combining Sustainability and Performance

The sky is the limit, and nothing can stop the new platform from growing. Both the Drupal platform and the interfaces to can be easily expanded. We can integrate additional destinations with minimal extra work required. The hosting services we provide optimise the way applications interact with the infrastructure, clearly shifting the focus to high performance.

During development, we placed great value on ensuring the modules were flexible and opted for innovative open-source components. Thanks to this and our years of experience, we have come up with a solution that performs extremely well but can also grow with Graubünden’s partners and customers in the long term.

Unic has proved itself a skilled and invaluable partner during this project, providing years of experience in building digital experience platforms in the tourism sector and bringing a wide range of expertise to the table.

Stephanie Gram
Head of Digital Marketing, Graubünden Tourism

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