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Flexible and Modular

The Jungfrau Railways sales team faces a heterogeneous set of sales situations: A presentation can be anything between 10 and 60 minutes, for an audience of one or 100. With this in mind, we created a flexible, modular tool in the form of a headless progressive web app (PWA) that allows them to quickly select the relevant information, edit it and change the order. It only takes a few clicks to create a customised presentation that can be shared as a website with contact details right after the meeting.

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Always Up to Date: Even the Handouts

Thanks to the sales app 2.0, all sales information is always up to date. Outdated, rigid and inflexible brochures and PowerPoint presentations are a thing of the past. As soon as new videos are available or texts or prices change slightly, the information is updated immediately, everywhere. Custom slides enable sales representatives to add individual offers to their presentations in seconds.

Select, Present, Share

The sales manual supports the entire process of selecting, presenting and sharing content: Based on the slides selected, the system automatically generates a customised website. The sales representatives can then share this link with their audience for follow-up, allowing them to study the information in detail.


Content First!

Content that gives the audience a feel for the fascinating world of the mountains is the key to success. That is why we reviewed every component with the sales team. Every offer is supplemented with video clips. 3D animations help pinpoint the highlights of the region. Dedicated templates support an appealing presentation of group offers, package deals and other content.


Always on: Even Offline

The generation and presentation of content need to work seamlessly, regardless of the circumstances. This is why we implemented the system as a progressive web app. It runs on Google Chrome via desktop, tablet or mobile in combination with a public section that supports all major devices and browsers. All structural data plus video and image assets are saved in the browser via Service Worker, IndexedDB and CacheAPI to allow for offline use. The integrity of presentations in the offline mode is ensured through versioning of the presentation master in the form of snapshots as well as an upgrade function for presentations to more recent snapshots. Thanks to automated error tracking, quality assurance also works in offline mode.


Contentful and Cloudinary Hand in Hand

The seamless integration of two applications drives this powerful PWA: Contentful handles central data management for the sales manual and other channels and applications as well as user authentication via OAuth provider. Cloudinary handles central, cloud-based image and video management as well as optimised distribution to China.

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Devising a Solution Through Design Thinking

To conceive a digital sales manual, we employed the standard design thinking process: During the discovery stage, we used interviews and user shadowing to build in-depth knowledge about the work of the sales team and its needs and desires. Based on that, we developed ideas and prototypes and continually obtained user feedback on those.

The sales app 2.0 is our most important marketing and sales tool. With this tool, we have set a new standard in our industry. The 3D maps and videos make everyone want to experience our majestic mountains first-hand.

Matthias Bütler
Head of Marketing at Jungfraubahnen

A True Business Innovation

A need for optimisation led to a new, digital, co-created product. This provides new perspectives for development and possibilities for application in product management and has given the entire company an innovation boost: Product adaptations in other parts of the company such as corporate communications are being evaluated. The orientation towards microservices is opening up a vast playing field of scenarios for further developments in content and technology.

Market Development That Packs a Punch

The intuitive interface and non-stop availability in the browser save a massive amount of time during the preparation of sales materials. The PWA ensures the international availability of sales materials in all markets in line with the Jungfrau Railways CI/CD. At the same time, it optimises collaboration within the organisation and eliminates redundancies in the generation of media assets and offers. Translations into 11 languages are carried out directly in the headless content management system, thanks to an integrated workflow with

The sales app 2.0 is flexible and always up to date, which makes it a unique sales tool. In our industry, you won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world. Our customers have confirmed this.

Urs Kessler
CEO Jungfraubahnen

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