Swiss Post – MASTER OF SWISS WEB 2016 One Post – one Web presence

Swiss Post wanted to depart from the inward looking perspective and adopt the Customer point of view: instead of many individual online platforms with different logins, a uniform access to all the services should be provided. Focus is placed on a user friendly, barrier-free user guidance that makes all information easy to find. In addition, the Post Office could measure the Customer Journey, and thus be able to continuously improve this way.

Swiss Post
Customer since
Go Live
Spring 2015
  • 6'400  new content pages created
  • 80+  integrated online services
  • 1'200'000  migrated login accounts
  • 20+  interfaces in Sitecore

Easy objective, highly complex implementation

The new responsive website of Swiss Post guarantees the customer a consistent experience to meet his needs. From 10 various Customer platforms with different logins, one single digital Customer platform was created thanks to the innovative Sitecore technology. A centralised Customer Centre combines the offers so that users can easily access all the online services. Extensive information on the flexible content modules can be easily found, while a Newsroom and a Blog will  round out the modern appearance of the Post Office.

Customer login

The new customer login, which is applicable to the entire platform (so-called Single Sign-on), allows the user to have a direct access to over 80 online services offered by Swiss Post. The customer can navigate unimpeded through the website and swap between the services without any problem. For this purpose, we have migrated over 1,200,000 user accounts.

Essentials in brief

The Customer Centre is a one-stop point for Swiss Post customers. Once logged in, the customer can grasp all important information at a glance: his online services, his documents, his balance and much more. If the user is looking for a specific service, he can find it quickly using simple filters.

Facts & Figures

  • 89%
    more site views 
  • 12%
    longer dwell time
  • 20%
    usage with mobile devices

Easier access with the Tablet-First approach

Finally, the responsive Web Design makes it possible to have an easy and quick access to the most important services and information offered by Swiss Post. This is all following the pre-identified main requirements expressed by the target groups. Additionally, during the implementation stage, the focus was on the Tablet-First approach as we wanted to introduce a touch-optimised user guide. In our own Unic Device Lab we tested those improvements thoroughly.

Many online services – one layout

One uniform layout with a clear navigation sets the framework for over 80 online services offered by Swiss Post. The customer receives a consistent user guide, and can move from service to service without any problem. This framework is, however, not rigid. The individual services can appropriately adjust and extend the layout to meet your requirements. Sitecore makes it possible.

With its solution-oriented, competent and reliable cooperation, the Unic Team has significantly contributed to the Project success.