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We create worlds of experience that inspire. Data-based and personalised.

Shared Experiences

People form relationships through listening and conversation. Relationships are based on shared experiences. When we address people in their individual contexts, they feel understood. This is especially true in the digital world. Together with our customers, we design and develop interconnected experience platforms, creating unique experiences along the customer journey – relevant and personalised.

A selection of our Experience Platforms projects

Screenshot Mobile Phone with www.flughafen-zuerich.ch opened

Flughafen Zürich AG

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform

With technologically highly innovative solutions and a clear UX orientation, the new multisite platform covers the entire system landscape of Zurich Airport and thus meets the diverse needs.

Cutting-edge Multisite Platform
Screenshot Tablet with www.energieschweiz.ch opened

EnergieSchweiz, Swiss Federal Office of Energy

The Future of Energy

Incredibly short loading times and relevant content: Contentful, GatsbyJS with React and Kubernetes play seamlessly together on the headless platform we implemented.

The Future of Energy

A selection of our Experience Platforms projects


Ceratizit Group

Product Access From (U)X Perspectives

Headless CMS and modern UX design working together for an industrial company? CERATIZIT has both and addresses different target groups.

Product Access From (U)X Perspectives
Screenshot Mobile Phone and Computer with www.plansee.com opened

Plansee HPM

Information is Key

How do you accommodate a wealth of information on a corporate website? For our client Plansee HPM, we simply rethought the navigation structure.

Information is Key

Humans Are More Than Users

We place the focus on humans. With all their different facets. People are more than just users, and we want to gain a holistic understanding of their behaviour, their desires and their motivation. The customer journey is complex and includes different channels and touchpoints. Experience platforms create the foundation for a consistent experience.

Data-driven and Personalised UX

With every interaction, you get to know your customers better. By gathering and analysing data along the customer journey, you learn more about their intentions, expectations and needs. From that, we can derive context-based messages, services and experiences.


How We Create Experience Platforms

We bring in all roles and disciplines at the very beginning. Our experts identify and integrate the needs of the various target groups and stakeholders. This leads to experience platforms that take all perspectives into account and harness the full potential of the technologies used. The entire process follows the principles of human-centred design.

The HCD-process

These are the technologies we rely on

Our Experts Share Their Knowledge

Mayumi SugayaJanuary 2020

Embracing Change With Human-centered Design

What does it take for Human-Centered Design (HCD) to work? That it does not just pay lip service? We have consistently carried out the optimization of post.ch in a user-centered manner. With prototypes and common principles.

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Mayumi Sugaya

Nicole BuriNovember 2019

How Do You Create an Intelligent Conversational UI?

CSS has developed SIA together with Unic – a Conversational User Interface that is much more than a conventional chatbot.

Chatting to SIA – How Do You Create an Intelligent Conversational UI?
Nicole Buri1

Nicole Buri

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Gerrit Taaks

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