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Test Manager & Engineer

What does a Software Test Manager & Engineer do at Unic?

As a Test Manager at Unic, you support the Project Manager and take care of the product risks in our customer projects. You will be involved in the project at an early stage and will design the project-specific test setup in the project team, taking customer-specific requirements into account. Your work is based on the customer's prioritized quality criteria and the necessary efficiency in IT projects. Planning, analysis and design of the test process run parallel to the project planning of the project manager. Test stages must be defined and test objects identified.

The QA team of test engineers and testers is selected by the Test Manager and must fit the necessary test levels and test types of the project. In addition, you regularly evaluate the test procedure and adapt it if necessary. The Test Manager is also responsible for defect management, ensuring that nothing is left behind and that the project team can learn from the mistakes made. In addition, you are able to make a statement on the current quality status of the product at short notice.


What value does the Test Manager create in the project?

At Unic, quality assurance is not an end in itself, but is based on efficient processes that enable us to make tested products available to our customers. Usability, performance, professional but also technical correctness are often important quality criteria for our customers, where the competitor is only a click away. In this context, the Software Test Manager & Engineer plays an important role in measuring target achievement over the entire application lifecycle.

As a Test Manager, do you have contact with customers?

As a Test Manager you also have close contact with the customer through regular bug triages. The identified issues are discussed, evaluated, prioritized and finally assigned to dedicated persons in the team with the process owners, requirement engineers, project managers and developers. Nothing should be left lying around. The customer also has a close relationship with the project manager through meaningful quality reports and QA dashboards. If required, the Test Manager also supports the Test Manager on the customer side in preparing and planning the User Acceptance Test.

Typical Development Paths

The Unic internal software quality process is strongly oriented towards the ISTQB test process, which is why we qualify our Test Managers through internal training as well as through official training with iSQI certifications. In this way, we ensure that even young professionals can develop from associates to Expert Test Managers with solid practical experience. This career path does not necessarily require a university degree; it is advantageous if at least one completed training as an IT specialist is available.

Quality assurance is a matter for experts

If you're interested in becoming a Test Manager at Unic, take a look at our open job offers or send us an unsolicited application! Because professional quality assurance is a matter for experts - and that's why we need YOU.

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We Belong to the Best Swiss Digital Agencies – for more than 20 years

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