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Content Strategist and UX Writer at Unic

As a content strategist and UX writer at Unic, you create content from A to Z. You develop content strategies and concepts for both websites and apps, bringing them to life with the right words. You speak our users’ language and put their needs at the forefront. Do you want to improve the user experience of web applications with great content? Then Unic is the place for you.

Currently there are no vacancies in the area UX Writer & Content Strategist.
Don't worry – you can nevertheless join our team! We are always on the lookout for technology experts, organizational talents, customer carers, allrounders and creative heads. In short: We are looking forward to getting to know you and can't wait to receive your unsolicited application!

Your Job as Content Strategist and UX Writer at Unic

Your Tasks as a Content Strategist

As a content strategist, you develop content strategies with our customers and advise them during implementation. You perform content audits and analyse web content to improve the customer journey of digital products. You create language guidelines and are familiar with editing and publishing processes. You know the challenges associated with content production and advise companies on how to implement efficient editing processes, drawing on a wide range of tools and methods.

Your Tasks as a UX Writer

As a UX writer, you use words to create digital experiences. Whether navigation elements, buttons, error messages or entire product pages, you are used to creating high-quality content for the web. You write people-friendly online texts, always focusing on users’ needs and business goals. Your writing skills are required right from the start of a project because, to create a good user experience, we avoid placeholder copy, even for prototypes. In addition, you always keep in mind that we’re writing primarily for people, but also for Google and co.

A Multi-faceted Job

As a content strategist or UX writer, you have an eye on the big picture. You take on tasks that are performed by content managers or content specialists. That means that as well as working on concepts and content, you also structure and publish pages in our customers’ content management systems (CMS). When it comes to publishing, you have a good feel for user journeys and are familiar with modules and components. You make use of them on the pages appropriately for the usage and media in question. In relaunch projects, you also support developers by providing detailed descriptions if you find a bug or when components do not work quite the way they should.

Interface With Marketing, Design and Development

You ensure that content quality meets the high-level, state-of-the-art requirements for usability and user experience. As part of our interdisciplinary team, you work closely on projects with other UX writers, content specialists, content managers, UX designers, UX architects, SEO specialists and data analysts. You are the technical lead of the sub-project for the Content area.

Sharing Expertise in Content Strategy and UX Writing

You hold workshops, training courses and presentations to share your knowledge of content strategy and creating UX texts with customers. Stakeholder management, too, is something you feel comfortable with. You have a good instinct for your interest groups, recognise their needs and give them comprehensive advice.

A Broad Customer Portfolio

Whether banks, insurance companies, retail companies or NGOs, our customers include well-known firms and organisations. As a content strategist or UX writer, you immerse yourself in a variety of sectors.

A content strategy means you not only have a goal, but you also reach it faster.

Your Career as a Content Strategist and UX Writer at Unic

Junior to professional, senior to expert: at Unic you can start or continue to pursue your specialist career. Your specialised mentor will support you on your individual journey. Or ask your team members for help or advice. Perhaps someone can recommend a great course or an informative training session. You have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of content strategy and UX writing at internal Unic workshops or external training courses. Or do you want to dip into another discipline? Our UX designers or UX architects will be glad to give you a peek into what they do.

Drive Your Own Development

At Unic, as well as working on projects, you will be able to pursue your personal development. Are you interested in topics such as diversity and inclusion? Would you like to get more involved in content marketing or social media? Do you have a soft spot for video and enjoy writing articles for our online magazine? Or are you a tech-minded person wanting to deepen your knowledge of a particular piece of software? Our organisational system, Holacracy, gives you the opportunity to take on different roles and tasks.

Pay Transparency

Unic has a salary range for each specialist career and qualification level – and the specialist careers of Content Strategist and UX Writer are no exception. The salary range gives you a framework for salary development within your specialist career.

As a content strategist or UX writer, you use words to create digital experiences that add value and make an impact.