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With a smooth Customer Journey into the digital future

With the relaunch of the B2B Shop, a cross-channel e-commerce platform has been built. It was achieved thanks to the new IT infrastructure, which enabled a consistent data flow. This solution ensures high transparency between the individual sales channels, and also completion of the Customer Journey. Using their login, all Business Customers are offered full transparency - unique in this environment - using their individual prices and conditions. In addition, we have massively improved the efficiency of the processes, as the ordering frequency of individual users is very high, compared to other B2C shops. In this way, the users can enjoy a good usability.


A Magento Shop with extensive Product Information

We have deployed a new online shop with the help of the Magento 2 Enterprise Edition as well as the Magento Porto Theme. Connection to the ERP via a middleware solution ensures that Froneri can provide up-to-date and exact Product information throughout its distribution and sales chain. Thanks to this, users can find a comprehensive description of every Product as well as detailed information on nutrients, ingredients, nutritional value, allergens and preparation methods.

Detailed Customer Profile and personalised contents

The contents are interlinked throughout all the channels and they communicate between each other, and are also further coordinated and addressed to individual customers. At Froneri, all data is flowing from the individual Touchpoints into detailed Customer Profiles. Thanks to that, relevant steps can be tailored exactly to the individual customer needs: once the Customer logs on in the Online Shop, he is welcomed with an appealing Product choice as well as with prices and offers that are aligned to his expectations. Additionally, a platform with recipes inspires catering customers providing them with new creation ideas.


Data transparency in spite of complex infrastructure

The new B2B platform allows to tackle a highly-complex IT infrastructure. It consists of a middleware solution known as MAXIM (Magento-Exchange-Interface-Module), specifically co-designed by Unic. Through this interface, the ERP system is linked with all the master data and the merchandise planning and control system. Furthermore, we have further touchpoints in place, such as Field Services, Telesales, Customer Service or the Invoicing Department. The Unic’s interface concept ensures a consistent data analysis possibility. In this way Froneri can understand and fulfil the customer wishes along the Customer Journey.


A perfect combination of individualised offers and discounts

Froneri wants to present the best possible offers to its Customers in a simple way. Here, Unic has successfully implemented a complex system of offers: different discount levels and various possible offer combinations with a dynamic price calculation guarantee attractive prices for the Customers: product rebates, company discounts, quantity rebates and individual coupons are linked with each other, and they calculate prices in real time.


Scanning Device & App make orders even simpler

The Customer can scan a bar code on products with his scanning device. In this way, he can compile his order, and then upload it via an USB connection to the Web Shop. Additionally, he can generate a list with his preferred products. Thanks to the specifically developped App, users can smoothly access a product range and the relevant information irrespective of whether they are standing in a big kitchen or in a shop.


Hosting und Service Management

In order to ensure operation of the Froneri Online Shop, Unic has built a Magento platform in its data centre at Equinix in Zurich. The challenging part of it was the deployment of the newly developed MAXIM middleware and its interfaces. Froneri wanted to have one central contact partner as part of the Service Management, who would take over coordination of the different players. With the Service Desk as a single point of contact and the personal Service Manager in place, Unic can meet this request. In the meantime, Unic hosts also Froneri brand web sites as Mövenpick and Frisco.

More about Hosting and Service Management

Many e-mail channels – one client with one template

Unic has deployed e-mail marketing for Froneri on Inxmail. The entire B2C and B2B communication and all brands as well as the sister company of Froneri run on only one client with a highly-scalable system and one single, extremely flexible template which covers a number of CI/CD. The recipient data flows in via interfaces from different CRM systems. Instantaneously, a direct link is produced to the Online Shop.

More about Inxmail

  • 20%
    growth in sales monthly
  • 21%
    more users
  • 33%
    mobile users; a monthly increase by 2 percentage points

A high-performance web shop is the key to success. With Unic we can draw on the large experience in the area of e-Commerce and User Experience. We are looking forward to further deployment of our Cross-Channel Strategy.

Nadine Hutter
Head of Telesales & E-Commerce, Froneri Switzerland S.A.

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