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Child-friendly Look and Feel

It is obvious from the start page that little FOOBY is all about having fun cooking together with children. Delicious, child-friendly recipes are just as easy to find in the little FOOBY world as the digital cookery studio, “The Tiny World of Cooking”, with kitchen tricks and helpful cooking tips. The look and feel, developed with children in mind, places a clear focus on cooking together.

The devil was in the details, or rather, the target group. Content geared towards children requires an age-appropriate approach and the design and imagery need more than just easy-to-understand visualisation. After applying the little FOOBY design by Valencia to the digital FOOBY platform, sensitivity for child development was a must, especially in usability aspects.


Your Choice – Three Levels of Difficulty

The level of difficulty of the recipes is based on the skill level of the children, not their age. The protagonists can choose from three levels of difficulty: Mini chefs, junior chefs and master chefs. Every level is colour-coded so that the level of difficulty is easy to identify for individual recipes. Mini chefs stir and mix ingredients and decorate the food. Junior chefs and master chefs can also prep or fry under supervision. The homepage explains the different skill levels required in the various colours, and in the recipes, the child-friendly tasks are highlighted in colour. This is where the kids take over.


Step-by-Step Illustrations

Not only are the child-friendly tasks highlighted in colour, there are also illustrations of the kitchen utensils required. Easy-to-understand recipe instructions clearly list the tasks for children and parents. These are flanked by step-by-step illustrations. This makes cooking under parental supervision not only viable – children feel like the cooking experience is catered specifically to them.

The Digital Cookery Studio

How do parents encourage children to play and learn? As a parent, how do I incorporate today’s tools such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet into that? In the “Tiny World of Cooking” section, little FOOBY playfully integrates cooking tips into the recipes. Why are vegetables good for you, for instance? What is flavour? What baking utensils are there? What do you need to keep in mind before you start baking? Are there any kitchen rules? Helpful recipe videos, infographics and captivating cooking stories round out these resources.


Fun Cooking and a Love for Detail

little FOOBY is a treasure trove of subtle content nuances. This is reflected in the features in particular. For example, the levels of difficulty mentioned above also serve as filters for the recipe search. Once the parent-child cooking team opens the instructions, the preparation time, calories per person and required utensils are displayed at the top. Where necessary, parents can enter the number of guests to automatically scale the required amounts of ingredients.

And then it is go time – parents and children switch to cooking mode and tackle the recipe sections. The checklists are a highlight: The team gets to tick off every step completed and set of utensils assembled. These are followed by the written and illustrated steps based on a “step 1 of 4” format.


The Print Version of the little FOOBY World

One thing that continues to be important for the community is having a print version of recipes. The platform design includes a template for print versions. This template also includes all tasks highlighted in colour for children – so the children get their own print version of the little FOOBY world.

A Different Approach to Target Group Conversion

Coop developed an independent brand and at the same time created a useful symbiosis with its customers. The focus is strictly on user interactions – you will not find any product ads on the platform. You’d also be hard-pressed to find an obvious conversion path stimulating purchases. The Coop brand is visible on the site and in various channels, but only with parents’ interaction. There is only one button below the recipe enabling you to order ingredients online at coop.ch. These are automatically compiled with a quick click. You do not have to order with Coop, however, to use the platform and its features.


Touchpoints – Local Stores and the Supercard ID

Of course, local stores are also part of the little FOOBY world. Displays in the entrance areas of stores provide recipe cards advertising little FOOBY. Visitors get to choose from two cards and can interact with the little FOOBY world directly via a QR code. There are new recipes every month.Parents can also use their Supercard ID to log into the website. Advantage: Most Coop customers already use this customer loyalty system, for instance, to get discounts when shopping. The card is not a requirement, however. Customers only need it to save contents to their own cookbooks, which are then available on all devices.


The project is based on the VanillaJS framework and the interface is handled JSON-based via the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

little FOOBY in iOS and Android App

All little FOOBY recipes have been integrated with the existing FOOBY application in a separate section. Users decide whether they want to see this content. The app has a filter, allowing users to include little FOOBY recipes in their search results. Development of little FOOBY is ongoing. New content and ideas are being fed into little FOOBY to make cooking even more fun for children and their parents.

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