Data Visualisation – Simple Transfer of Information

The purpose of digital analysis is to be able to derive data-driven recommendations for action and optimisation. However, it is not enough to collect data – it also needs to be analysed and interpreted. This is where data visualisation comes into play.

Use Data to Create a “Wow” Effect

Data-driven marketing, customer focus and conversion optimisation – analytics data should support all that. But what use is a huge amount of data, if it just lies around in stand-alone reports and Excel sheets?

  • Become a story-teller: data visualisations tell stories, inspire the user and represent complex facts in a comprehensible way.

  • Give analytics data a fun streak: Visualisations can be interactive and playful, and ideally create a "wow" effect for the user.

  • Get clear: Visualisation is an instrument that helps you make better use of analytics data. It also allows non-technical users to view the data, answer questions, and identify the capacity for action.

Patrick HegnauerNovember 2016

Data visualisation – the tool for easy and quick knowledge acquisition

Our first article concerning digital analysis revealed the challenges faced by companies in today’s world of data. Companies often have enormous quantities of data at their disposal but fail to take advantage of them.

Data visualisation – the tool for easy and quick knowledge acquisition

The Benefits of Data Visualisation

Data-driven marketing is important so that marketing activities can be more targeted and customer-oriented. Visualisations help you:

  • perform customer-oriented marketing activities

  • optimise digital channels

  • process information, make it visible, and display complex contexts in a simple way

  • optimise conversion

Our Offer in Data Visualisation

We will:

  • advise you on the definition of your KPIs,

  • help you design and implement visualisation solutions such as KPI dashboards and key figure cockpits,

  • support you in the implementation of the visualisation solution in your company,

  • offer workshops and trainings during which you can learn the tips and tricks of data visualisation.

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