Marketing Automation: In the Right Place at the Right Time

Achieving Sales Success with Systematic Lead Management

Automation enables you to manage your leads systematically in real time. It is not artificial intelligence that determines which specific action is triggered when and to which email address. Instead, this information is drawn from marketing and sales processes that were previously handled manually. We work together with you to systematise, model and optimise these processes that have never been written down before.

A lead’s value is typically defined in the form of a lead scoring model. To this end, we rate possible actions on your website in advance using scores or engagement values. This creates a theoretical basis which can then be used to continuously qualify leads.

Throughout the journey, users accumulate these scores in their profiles. These profiles may initially be anonymous. Some content management systems allow you to display alternative information and calls to action even before you have a user’s email address. This increases relevance and the likelihood that your marketing strategy will be a success.

The Basics of Marketing Automation

  • Learning from data: As a marketer, you know how calls to action, personalised emails and your campaigns influence sales performance. If you already work with data, moving towards automation will be less of a leap. Of course, as soon as data starts being recorded and processed, data protection becomes a key issue.

Andrea MaleleNovember 2019

Why Artificial Intelligence is Not a Quantum Leap but Merely Makes Our Data-driven Work More Effective

Recording, interpreting and acting on data. Anything that artificial intelligence could one day do for us, we must first understand ourselves and be able to do on a small scale. We need cross-functional teams who are entirely data-driven in their work and who can rely on persistent and customer data that is as standardized as possible. We have a long way to go to achieve this.

Why Artificial Intelligence is Not a Quantum Leap but Merely Makes Our Data-driven Work More Effective
  • In the right place at the right time: Automation helps you meet the needs of individual users at the right time. You intervene when they seem to be ready for the next step. For example, this might mean that a user receives a message by email X days after filling out an online form. The email is triggered by a single condition or multiple nested conditions.

  • The challenge posed by data silos: Potential customers can be identified on your website using cookies, for example. With cookies, several sessions can be assigned to the same user. Identifying users across the customer portal, mobile devices or the app, however, is a bit more of a challenge. Where is the data master? How are profiles enriched with data from other systems? How does the clean-up work and how often are peripheral systems updated? This is why the same questions keep coming up for every project: How do we want to define the scope and which systems should be integrated at which stages?

  • Selecting suitable tools: Our clients tend to start by asking which tools are best suited to the job. This question can be best answered by first getting an overview of your current systems. What functions do your CRM system, email marketing tool and CMS already offer? Some functions are already integrated into comprehensive software suites such as Sitecore, Adobe or SAP Marketing Cloud. These standard tools can be used to gain some preliminary experience. The steep learning curve that generally follows puts you in a better position to identify exactly what kind of tool stack you need.

Let us Move Towards your Future in Automated Marketing Together

Would you like to know how to get started? We can help you drive digital marketing forward in your company by advising and supporting you in developing a marketing automation plan. We will work with you to identify the best way of moving forward.

Explorative Approach

We define relevant use cases and limit the scope to a maximum of two systems. The method is devised from a business perspective and is very much based on prototyping. The team gels quickly and the learning curve is steep. Investment focuses on knowledge building and the process of change within the organisation. The method swiftly highlights what needs to change in the way projects are organised and structured, as well as revealing how processes and the tool stack might be adjusted.

Systematic Approach

We adapt the way we work to your business goals, marketing strategy, sales processes and system landscape. Working together with you, our first step is to get a general overview, model data flows, specify missing interfaces and define data synchronisation across different databases. This lays a solid technical foundation. The method protects your investment over the long term. It aims to dramatically increase efficiency in the way it implements complex use cases across several channels. The learning curve slows at this point in time because the initial results are not visible until the technical conditions have been met.

Anyone tackling marketing automation must know WHAT they want to achieve. For automation to work, operational objectives are essential.

Matthias Schmid
Senior Consultant at Unic

Marketing Automation Leads to Success in Several Areas

Our many years of experience have shown that the success of a project does not merely lie in automated use cases. Over the course of a project, teams developed a much more realistic understanding of the customer journey. Real and effective journeys replaced target journeys. And wherever we have identified clear patterns and contexts, workflows and processes have now been automated.

Moreover, within companies, product management, data analysts, content managers, CRM teams and online marketing teams are now working more closely together. The projects have been a success on many different levels, including:

  • Developing a better understanding of the needs of target groups and buyer persona

  • Optimising the customer journey

  • Sending targeted and personalised emails

  • Avoiding waste coverage in email marketing

  • Comprehensively generating leads and ensuring targeted lead nurturing

  • Removing barriers between different departments thanks to user-centred methods

  • Reducing repetitive activities

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Matthias Schmid

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