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How We Work

We work based on the principle of human-centered design, placing people at the heart of our work. Our work with our customers is based on a common culture. After all, useful digital solutions require open dialogue that values and appreciates different viewpoints.

Success Requires Collaboration

To build products that enhance customer experience, we aim to give equal consideration to all perspectives. That is why we bring in all disciplines affected at all stages – from consulting and design to technical development. All the experts with all their skills and abilities are on board from day one.

We Strive for Close and Long-term Collaboration With Our Customers

In our agency, we want to share customers’ passion for their projects. That is why we prefer to work closely with our customers – with you as partners. We want to know and fulfil the needs and expectations of your company in detail. To this end, we work with you in one of our purpose-built creative project rooms and meet with you on a regular basis. That way, we can understand you – and your users.

I have had consistently good experiences over the years and with different Unic staff - with enriching insights.

Elisabeth Griess
Zürcher Kantonalbank

Customers we have worked with for over ten years.

We Develop the Digital Touchpoints With Your Customers

From responsive web design, content marketing and digital analytics or email marketing, corporate websites & brand websites, online shops & omnichannel commerce, through to content management systems – including headless – and much, much more: As a digital agency, we develop digital platforms for the digital touchpoints with your customers.

And yet we have the big picture in mind. We explore opportunities, we outline scenarios, we design and develop digital solutions, we enrich them with valuable content, we measure, we reflect, continuously evolve the solutions and we ensure scalable operation.

Service Overview

We Create Value With Digital Solutions

We offer all the services you need for the implementation of your digital presence – from the initial idea through to long-term maintenance.


Hall of Fame

Best of Swiss Web

Best of Swiss Web recognizes outstanding web projects every year, setting industry standards. Since 2003, we have been named Master of Swiss Web 5 times, have won Gold 15 times, Silver 30 times and Bronze 46 times.

Sitecore Experience Award

The Sitecore Experience Award is awarded to Sitecore projects with exceptional customer experience. To date, we have won 15 times in various categories.

Swiss E-Commerce Award

The Swiss E-Commerce Award recognizes the best B2B and B2C online shops in Switzerland each year. We have made it onto the podium 13 times, 7 times as a winner.

Annual Multimedia Award

The Annual Multimedia Award has been documenting the state of the art in the field of digital marketing and multimedia design since 1996. We have been awarded Gold once and Silver seven times.

We Create Digital Platforms

We are convinced that solutions are only useful to companies and users when technology and user needs are truly aligned. People have high expectations of digital touchpoints – together with you, we realize digital projects that take users by their hands, understand their needs and guide them on their journey.

We want to leave our mark. That is our promise and our incentive. We have received numerous awards for our successful projects: We have been awarded Master of Swiss Web already four times – most recently in 2020! We lead the scoreboard for the Usability category in Best of Swiss Web, and since 2012 we have received a Sitecore Experience Award for one or more of our projects each year.

6 Reasons to Choose Unic as Your Digital Agency

Top-ranking Digital Agency

Unic is one of the best-ranking agencies in Switzerland and Germany.

Full-service Digital Agency

Our services include everything from consulting & strategy to concept & design as well as technical development & long-term operation.

In-depth Industry Expertise

More than 150 customers from all industries, including commerce & consumer goods, finances & insurance, industry & manufacturing, tourism & transport as well as administration all rely on our extensive expertise.

ISO Certifications

Our management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified. And our Private Cloud Hosting is ISO 27001:2015 certified.

A Personal Connection

With 5 offices, we’re always just around the corner, providing a personal connection.

25 Years of Experience

We offer extraordinary usability experience combined with outstanding technological knowledge.

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We Organize Ourselves According to Holacracy


We Celebrate 25 Years

We are a digital agency in Switzerland and in Germany. Since 1996.

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Become a Part of Our Team

Do you want to work on exciting Web projects? With us, you will actively help create ambitious national and international digital projects. We are convinced: Useful digital solutions only emerge in an open and appreciative dialogue between different perspectives.


Our Founders and Partners

Founders and Partners

Technology Partners

We have a broad network of partners and technological solutions. In this way, as a digital agency, we guarantee the best possible products in digital marketing, digital commerce and operations.

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We are also analogue. You can meet us in person at various events. Come by, we look forward to seeing you.

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