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Spryker Cloud Commerce OS – Flexibility for You

Spryker Commerce OS is a flexible and interface-friendly e-commerce system with headless support. The system allows for an agile approach as well as continual optimisation during operation. Thanks to integrated LINK middleware, docking to surrounding systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), content management (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) and product information management (PIM) is not just a pipe dream. Deliver your content and data to different channels and touchpoints countless times without compromising performance.

The shop system is particularly flexible. You remain the code owner and, thanks to open code, can adapt the system to your needs. Back-end and front-end are completely separate: Updates, adaptations and free selection of the front-end application facilitate system development. The front-end in particular plays a key role for the required level of scalability. This is why traffic peaks, i.e. high numbers of visitors during advertising campaigns and commercials (TV, internet and print), will not bring Spryker Commerce OS to its knees.

Spryker Promotes Digital Transformation

Spryker is geared towards all e-commerce projects with specific and complex requirements as well as processes that are outside of the standard features of the industry. Despite the many possibilities for adaptation, this commerce system can still be set up straight out of the box and then be converted into a highly customised solution. As a customer, you decide how many cogs to turn and adjust in the future.

With its dynamic target groups and both traditional and disruptive business models, the Spryker platform swiftly adapts to a changing environment. The OS maps numerous processes, data silos and user interfaces for standard use cases. We can accelerate realisation with 900+ modules that are continually being enhanced and added to.

Symbiosis: Microservices, PBC and Commerce

Rigid monoliths and a low degree of flexibility represent an outdated business model. The seamless fusion of individual microservices into packaged business capabilities – software components allowing you to optimise core business activities with software – are part of the Spryker standard. And this is across tools and infrastructure, of course.

Spryker gives you added scope for action in e-commerce. This is mainly thanks to the integrated shop modules for state-of-the-art e-commerce activities. The basic Spryker version alone includes 160 different capabilities for users. External services can also be integrated seamlessly – be it progressive web applications (PWA) or other promising applications from the internet of things, or voice commerce and chatbots. With Spryker, your online project will not only be highly efficient and scalable, the e-commerce system will enable you to quickly integrate new features into the existing ecosystem.

Spryker – Benefits at a Glance

  • Adaptive shop solution: You only use the modules you need for your business. The modular setup allows you to use any combination of modules.

  • Interface-friendly headless-first architecture: The basis allows you to integrate various customer front-ends and touchpoints right from the start.

  • Interface management via GLUE_API: Even the most basic installation of Spryker OS already allows for flexible and performant interface management – including external applications facilitating marketing and sales promotion.

  • Cloud or on-premises: PaaS or local – to guarantee smooth operations and keep maintenance costs to a minimum, we recommend hosting Spryker in the cloud. Should this not be possible due to in-house requirements, we will of course also support an on-premises setup.

  • Time-to-market strategy: Spryker OS allows for fast testing and swift adaptation including modifications.

  • Flexible application: Out of the box, Spryker OS provides a front-end for B2B, B2C and market places. Upon request, requirements such as click and collect or direct-to-consumer strategies can also be supported.

  • Scalability and performance: Neither large, vast product portfolios nor complex data models will bring Spryker OS to its knees.

  • Location: Spryker is based in Germany – in the DACH area, seamless collaboration without any language barriers is a given.

In a nutshell: The future of online commerce speaks Spryker.

We are a Spryker Systems Gold Partner

Unic’s Gold Partner status with Spryker is based on many years of technological experience as well as trust: Spryker Systems was listed as a major player in the current IDC MarketScape and is one of the most well-known modular e-commerce solutions worldwide, according to Gartner Magic Quadrant. Combined with our experience as a Spryker solution partner for e-commerce and software development, we will create just the right user experience for you. We use the Human-Centred Design process for design and development and place the focus on the user. We would love to become your reliable partner for any current and future projects.

In your e-commerce project, you will get twice the benefit from our Gold Status, because the system expertise and IT background of both partners will keep your desired system at the cutting edge of technology over the long term. Collaboration with us will not only give you a powerful shop system, it will also make it much easier to implement and combine other products we have to offer, such as product information management systems, or PIM for short, and email marketing tools.

Our Service


We develop and operate promising e-commerce solutions with Spryker and SAP Commerce.


Important: The Spryker e-commerce platform requires a lot of technical know-how, especially when requirements are complex. We recommend setting out with the right team from the start – a team that has relevant experience with the different e-commerce technologies. As a Spryker agency, we’ll be happy to consult and advise.

Successfull Spryker Project


eFood – Home Delivery Shop created in Record Time

Using an MVP approach, we created an online shop for the retail store in record time. The shop solution is based on the Spryker Cloud Commerce OS and offers a highly scalable and needs-based system.

eFood – Home Delivery Shop created in Record Time

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