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Celum – Efficient Management of Digital Assets

The Celum Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows for an efficient, company-wide administration, processing and usage of all digital assets. This includes images, videos, documents and other multimedia contents which are needed for all channels.

This is how Celum works

Celum supports the entire life cycle of your digital contents: from their creation (e.g. video recording), storing, processing and delivery (in different formats and resolutions) to a wide range of uses (e.g. for Print, Web or POS) and re-use.

  • Through definable Workflows, you can incorporate your internal Functions (Marketing, Legal, Product Management) and external agencies (for creation, processing or application purposes) seamlessly into your processes.
  • Thanks to metadata and powerful search facilities, the tedious search for assets will become the past.
  • The use of assets can be controlled by a rights and authorisation system. Through this system you will increase the consistency of your brand and avoid any improper and fraudulent use of your contents.
  • With the processing and export functions, you can customise your assets promptly for new markets and channels. Thanks to efficient interfaces, you can arrange for an automatic transmission to various target systems – for Web, Mobile, e-Commerce, Social, Print, ERP or PIM.

The diversity of the supported media formats and integration with widespread tools, such as Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Cloud, simplifies substantially the content creation.

Your advantages with Celum

  • Thanks to Celum you will reduce your expenditures for the development and maintenance of your assets.
  • At the same time you will increase the use of valuable contents through a simple re-use.
  • Promote your brand through consistent usage and efficient distribution on all channels.
  • Offer your customers an amazing user experience thanks to the use of high-resolution zoomable pictures, 360° views, videos and optimised contents in the various Touchpoints.

Our Partnership with Celum since almost 10 years

Unic has been a partner of Celum since 2010. We will support you throughout the entire process from examining your needs, through integration of the solution into your existing processes, to the operation of the Company’s DAM solution.

We value Unic's comprehensive expertise in digital asset management, especially for complex projects.