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Google Analytics – Gain instructive insights from user behaviour

Combine the benefits of the free Google Analytics solution with our experience, to unleash the full potential of website tracking and your website.

Do not leave the success of your marketing activities to chance: Thanks to simple reports, Google Analytics gives you insight into user behaviour so you can measure and optimise it.

The features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers free, standardised reports on the following questions:

  • Visitors – Who are my visitors and from which country do they access the website? Which browsers and devices are used most? Which visitors provide conversion?
  • Marketing channels – which are the most used marketing channels?
  • Conversion – How many downloads, orders, or form entries were there?
  • Performance – How many transactions have been made and where is potential for improvement?

However, Google Analytics also offers the ability to create custom reports, along with standardised reports, and to set other KPIs to be measured.

If you are looking for individual reports, Google offers an extended, non-free variant: Google Analytics 360.

Turn analytics data into profit

With Google Analytics, you can leverage other marketing tools: you can integrate Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Search Console, and direct interfaces to other data analysis and visualisation tools.

Advantages of Google Analytics

  • Measure your website traffic and analyse performance
  • Find accurate answers to your questions by segmenting according to socio-demographic variables, technologies, acquisition channels, and other variables
  • Measure your marketing activities in a targeted manner
  • Support your actions on data-driven foundations
Marketing professionals no longer need data, they need more insights.
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