Google Tag Manager
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Google Tag Manager – Your marketing turbo

Google Tag Manager organises and manages even complex metrics and data records on your website centrally and easily. So you always have the right data for your online marketing in stock.

With Google Tag Manager, you manage your web analytics data as easily as you organise your website using a CMS (Content Management System). Google Tag Manager is extra user-friendly, and thanks to its excellent test function, you know immediately whether your projects are working or not. So your next online marketing campaign will be a complete success.

How does the Google Tag Manager work?

What is a tag? – A tag is a small piece of code that is implemented on your website. It measures visitor behaviour, traffic to your site, and much more.

What is Google Tag Management? – With Google Tag Management, you have an efficient tool to define and manage tags. What exactly should be measured and when? You do not have to worry about the answers to these questions yourself. Google Tag Manager has a database of predefined cases for most tracking situations that make it easy to use. You can also adapt them to your needs and questions.

How does Google Tag Management work? – In Google Tag Manager, you create a specific metrics project, the so-called tracking, using defined tags. Once these are set up, you can test the tracking in the preview. The preview shows the collected tracking information. If the tested tracking works as planned, it can be activated for all site visitors. Google Tag Manager allows you to create, test and publish multiple tracking projects independently.

Your benefits with the Google Tag Manager

  • Numbers that count: Is the latest marketing campaign on your website successful? Are the new functionalities on your website well-received among the users? With Google Tag Manager, you have the ability to track both simple and complex metrics properly. Your questions will be answered soon.
  • Speed is critical: Google Tag Manager allows you to react flexibly to current sales potentials and quickly install new tags. You do not have to wait for implementation by your IT and the next release before the tags can become active.
Unic AG supports us as a versatile e-commerce agency and makes a valuable contribution to our fact-based decision making by expanding our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking.