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Data-based search engine optimisation with Searchmetrics

Strengthen your online presence: Combine the extensive database of the Searchmetrics suite with our expert knowledge.

Search engine presence is the key to success. The Searchmetrics suite provides you with up-to-date, graphically edited evaluations and recommendations for various aspects of search engine optimisation.

Analysis, comparison and inspiration all in one

The enterprise SEO software called Searchmetrics supplements the existing landscape of analytics tools and Google Search Console with further data and reports. Searchmetrics is one of the leading enterprise SEO platforms.

The software provides comprehensive analyses for SEO executives and decision makers, leveraging a comprehensive keyword, domain, URL and link base. The software allows you to crawl websites, and displays on-page optimisation potential.

A great advantage of Searchmetrics consists in an intuitive comparison with competitors. So on one hand, SEO strategies of the competition become clear, on the other hand, you can find inspiration for future contents of your own website.;

Benefits of Searchmetrics

A major part of website traffic is still generated via search engines – often more than a third. Searchmetrics helps you improve your positioning.

  • Searchmetrics provides you with data on your current ranking in search engines
  • The software helps you monitor and understand your competitors
  • Keep your own important landing pages in view
  • Take advantage of tips, on-site optimisation and direct recommendations for action
  • Use Searchmetrics as a source of information about backlinks
  • Thanks to the Visibility Guard, get alerts if rankings drop
  • Clear, visual presentations of the analyses provide clarity and facilitate reporting

Our offer with Searchmetrics

Unic has been a partner of Searchmetrics since 2011. With our wide and deep expertise in SEO and the Searchmetrics suite, we can help you:

  • understand the data you receive from Searchmetrics
  • find the right KPI
  • deduce correct actions from the data
  • approach your on-site and off-page SEO activities in a targeted, efficient and focused manner.

Our employees understand Searchmetrics and SEO, which is confirmed by the Searchmetrics Green Belt and Black Belt certification.

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