Why user experience is a factor of success for your website

The User Experience describes what the users experience and learn in contact with your digital media. You want to offer your customers a positive experience? We will explain to you how a successful User Experience functions, and put it in the centre of your next Web appearance.

The User Experience at a glance

The term User Experience (short: UX) describes the entire experience for the users who have contact with your website. This includes the quality of your digital presence as well as perception and reactions of your customers.

Therefore, UX is not an isolated facility. It covers:

  • Previous knowledge and experience of the users, their online behaviour and expectations

  • The context in which the product is being used and the general brand awareness

  • The user interface: How do the design, the characteristic features and the functionalities of digital products present themselves?

How do you measure User Experience at all? A good UX can be captured in the following four criteria:

  1. Benefit of use – the contents and functions of the product are both useful and valuable for the user

  2. Accessibility – are the contents easily and simply accessible for the user online? Are they broadly available irrespective of the end device used by the user?

  3. Usability – user friendliness of the product. How does the user interact with your product? What is the interaction design like?

  4. Aesthetics and Design – optical attractivity and nice design of the product, its user interface.

What makes a good website? The User Experience!

Make your Website a success for your users with a good User Experience:

Brand positioning thanks to your online appearance

The User Experience is in the centre of your digital appearance! The users will immediately associate your website with the products offered by you. If the interaction is easy, useful and nice, the positive experience will fulfill the product promise. Therefore, a good User Experience is essential for your brand and Company positioning.

Optimising the conversion rate

If the user can achieve his goals thanks to your website in an easy and satisfying way, it will be a rewarding experience for him. The user will build trust towards your Company, and will feel pleasure from the use (so-called joy of use). The user will remain longer on the website and become a customer. In this way you will optimise your conversion rate noticeably.

We will establish a comprehensive User Experience for your Website

The above-mentioned four criteria, which are necessary for a good User Experience, are covered by us in a comprehensive manner.

1. Benefit of use

We will establish your website and its content according to the needs of your target groups. We will achieve this through:

  • User Research – we will find out who the users of your website are, and what they want.

More about User Research

  • Content Strategy – the content is the king of your web appearance. By using the analysis, planning and organisation, we ensure that you will display the content that your customers are looking for.

More about Content Strategy

  • Content Creation – we will write texts for you which will be read.

2. Accessibility

Your website should be accessible to all users. A website can only offer a good experience when it produces no obstacles – equally so for users with visual, acoustic, mobility or mental limitations. We will ensure this technically through:

  • Frontend Development – we will ensure accessibility using technical means. Our Frontend developers are specialists in developing barrier-free applications.

More about Frontend Development

Accessibility: barrier-free websites

We want content and information on the web to be accessible to all people without obstacles. That's why we focus on the implementation of barrier-free websites, right from the conception, design and front-end development stages.

Accessibility: barrier-free websites

3. Usability

Via usability, we will achieve an easy, intuitive and fast operation of your website for all users by way of:

  • Expert Reviews – your Website will be tested and rated by our experts for user friendliness.

  • Usability tests – in order to ensure user friendliness, we will plan and conduct usability tests for you. We also work with a prototype.

More about Usability

4. Aesthetics and Design

A nice, appealing website brings pleasure – an essential aspect of UX. We will help shape digital visiting cards of your Company:

  • Responsive Design – whether on a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop, the contents of your website will be displayed in an optimal manner on all screen sizes, and will therefore be available to all users.

More about Responsive Web Design

  • Living Style Guide – the digital documentation and specification of the design, structure and development of your website. All in one location.

More about Living Style Guide

Good User Experience Pays Off – Our UX Projects

The Swiss Post

One Postal Service – One Experience

We have been supporting the Swiss Post on its path to digitalisation for around 20 years. For this website relaunch, we were in charge of user experience, design, and frontend to backend implementation on Sitecore 9 and more.

One Postal Service – One Experience

Swiss Red Cross

Relaunch with Heart

Relaunch with Heart

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