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Shop, Info and Services in the SAP Commerce Cloud

The MAGENWIRTH Group needed a solution for different target groups and brands that is based on a single platform. This platform is SAP Commerce Cloud, which also bundles the four most important websites, so that they feed into all digital customer touchpoints.

  • myMAGURA – customer portal for OEMs, B2B service portal

  • – public information for B2C (CMS)

  • – digital business card of the MAGURA/Bosch (CMS) joint venture

  • myMBPS – customer portal for retailers, B2B service portal with integrated shop

Information on products and services makes up the core of the platform. Individual bits of data and information are maintained in the integrated PIM and the content management systems of the platform, from where the information is distributed to the various frontends.

Strength in innovation and implementation – that is what I expect from a strategic development partner. Unic is exemplary in both and combines this with an agile approach. We worked as one team from day one and made this project successful together.

Michael Freudenberg, Head of Digitalisation & IT
MAGENWIRTH Technologies GmbH

Easy Access to E-commerce for Customers

In addition to the continuous improvement of essential platform functionalities, newly developed functionalities are made available to all target groups individually – guaranteeing technological reuse.

Despite the continually increasing complexity of e-commerce landscapes, together with the team from MAGENWIRTH Group, we were able to ensure efficient and easily accessible handling of all customer needs along the various customer journeys. Different target groups need different information on this platform so, for authentication, we relied on a single-sign-on approach based on Microsoft Azure Active Directory B2C services.

Deep Integration, Digital Transformation

MAGENWIRTH had developed a comprehensive business model for the digital platform ahead of time. We adapted the contents and finalised a comprehensive vision for the customer platform together. It was the iterative approach in particular that allowed the team to develop the solution step by step, to integrate the technologically complex platform directly into the business processes and create a continuous value-adding chain. The key advantage of this iterative approach was that we were much quicker to integrate individual services into the overall solution and create added value for the customers and company early on. Existing legacy systems plus freshly developed backend and frontend systems now reflect all processes end-to-end: from specialist retailers, from customers, through to the company and back.

To provide customers with consistent information on the product lifecycle, the platform is, of course, directly connected to the company-wide ERP and CRM systems. Previously isolated solutions which had caused problems are now a thing of the past.

Information for Customers

Individual information for customers and business partners is available right after login. After registration or log in to the platform, myMAGURA, my MBPS and the respective frontends display the necessary information and services based on the target groups and use cases via central access.

In addition to specific target groups, the various connected systems also factor in the individual needs of the customers based on their role in the company. In practice, MAGENWIRTH publishes the same information in all channels, be it the shop, website or mobile device. The portal caters to individual needs at all touchpoints and can be expanded as needed at any point in time.

Offering our most important business processes 24/7 on a single platform is unique and was made possible first and foremost through the agile and pragmatic collaboration with Unic.

Timo Kieninger, Director Marketing and Sales
MAGURA Bosch Parts & Services GmbH & Co. KG

Returns Management Feature

In parallel to the backend for the multiplatform solution, Unic developed the respective frontends based on SAP Composable Frontend (SAP Spartacus), including the migration of the existing accelerator, and expanded the related services step by step.

  • Customers have easy access to their entire order history on an individual dashboard, regardless of the touchpoint the order was made through.

  • Retailers book their training sessions directly through the customer portal and receive online training via the digital TechAcademy.

  • Curated product portfolio: Customers only see the relevant portfolio with availabilities and their personalised prices.

  • B2B2C: Retailers display the recommended retail price instead of the purchase price to the end customer.

  • The ATP (availability to promise) is based on the data for the respective warehouse; availabilities are displayed based on the country.

  • Cross- and upselling through automated product recommendations.

  • B2B2C: Shop finder for B2C to support end customers, including Google Maps integration.

The planned future service portfolio shows how the technologies of the platform interact seamlessly. MAGENWIRTH intends to facilitate returns management significantly in the near future: Retailers will be able to report defective parts in myMBPS, document the case and upload relevant images and/or videos. In parallel, the defective product will be processed and sent back as a return. Invisible to the customer, all processes in the portal and ERP/CRM system interact and enable seamless tracking of the returns cases.

Hoval AG

A New Level of Technology

A New Level of Technology


  • Communication through a single frontend

  • One central point of contact

  • Centralised communication

  • Transparent status for every case

  • Documentation in different channels is obsolete

  • Portal grows into a comprehensive self-service portal in the future

In Summary: The multifunctional e-commerce platform, or the personalised closed loop portal (PCLP), makes different brands and services available to different target groups in different countries. For general information and product information, shop functionalities and specific partner documents, the foundation is a single integrated platform in the company landscape of MAGENWIRTH Technologies Group.

Technologies Used: SAP Spartacus, Angular, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform Integration and Business Technology Platform including integration in Microsoft Azure B2C.

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