Digital Analytics: Analyse, interpret, optimise

Make Data-based Decisions With Digital Analytics

Analyse systematically how your target group behaves at the relevant touch points. Improve your conversion rate and sales.

Turn Insights With Digital Analytics Into Actions

Digital marketing offers many possibilities. However, it is not always clear how the budget is to be used. With the help of evaluations thanks to digital analytics, you can make comprehensible recommendations for action.

This is how you optimise your website, your online shop, your social media, in short: your digital channels. And at the same time you provide proof of the success of a measure (return on investment).

Jean-Marc BolfingMay 2021

How to Master the 3 Main Challenges of Digital Analytics

To benefit from analytics, you need a solid foundation with reliable, objective-driven data and people to insightfully analyse the data.

How to Master the 3 Main Challenges of Digital Analytics

Benefits of Digital Analytics at a Glance

Web Analytics can provide you with answers to countless questions. It is important that you know what you want to measure. Only a goal-oriented analysis is successful.

Here are some examples of the use of Digital Analytics:

  • Marketing budget – Use web analysis to find out which campaigns are worth it.

  • Conversion – Understand how your visitors navigate the website using web analysis. This will reduce the exit rate of website visitors in your order process. This is how you optimise the conversion.

  • Content – Provide the content and the information that users are looking for. Search engine optimisation (SEO) must also be taken into account here.

  • Usability and Customer Journey – Make the most frequently used topics more prominent. Meet your visitors where they are in their decision-making process.

Our Services in Digital Analytics

We have many years of experience in digital analytics. We implement your customer-specific requirements flexibly. We work in a standard-oriented and tool-independent manner. On the basis of our major clients and various projects, we have developed and improved our own best practices.

Patrick HegnauerMarch 2023

Can you trust your data? Our analytics audit will help you

We now offer an analytics audit: We test your analytics tool and analyze the data quality in your company. This way you can be sure that your data is correct and forms the right basis for your online strategy. Contact us for an analytics audit.

Can you trust your data? Our analytics audit will help you

We offer

Analytics – Together with you, we will define your requirements and analyse the current situation: What are the technical and organisational prerequisites of your analytics project?

KPI consulting – You need to know what you want to measure. We will work with you to develop the business objectives and determine the key figures you want to work with.

Tool evaluation – Together with you, we will evaluate the appropriate analytics tool for the realisation of your goals.

Implementation and testing – We will create the integration concept, accompany the implementation of the web analytics tool and perform the testing.

Training – We will provide user training. This will allow you to use your tool successfully.

Interpretation and optimisation – We will support you in the interpretation of your data. Based on this, we will derive optimisation measures to improve your conversion.

Coaching – Through coaching we will help you consolidate digital analysis and thus the optimisation culture in your company.

Service – We would love to stay with you beyond the launch of the tool. 365 days a year, we guarantee operation, hosting and support of your tool. We also offer individual response time arrangements.

We Work With the Following Products in Digital Analytics

Adobe Analytics

As a highly customisable solution, Adobe Analytics is particularly suitable for companies that want to expand and strengthen their online channel.

Learn more about Adobe Analytics:Adobe Analytics

Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch of the Adobe Marketing Cloud is your tool for fast and easy tag management.

Learn more about the tag manager:Adobe Launch


Sitecore is more than a CMS. How do customers interact with you? Use the Sitecore database to collect and analyse this data.

Learn more about Sitecore:Sitecore

Google Analytics

Thanks to simple reports, Google Analytics gives you insight into user behaviour so you can measure and optimise it.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager organises and manages even complex metrics and data records on your website centrally and easily.


Tealium is the ideal product for large companies, which enables them to use their customer data efficiently and successfully apply it in their market activities.

More know-how from our experts

Matthias SchmidSeptember 2020

10 Tips for Successful Campaign Tracking

How can you get the most out of your marketing budget over the long term? Here are 10 key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns and finding out which advertising and communication campaigns are most successful.

10 Tips for Successful Campaign Tracking
Matthias Schmid

Matthias Schmid


Günter GlasauerSeptember 2022

The Opt-in Rate Is the Key to Good Marketing

Targeted marketing in compliance with the current data protection regulations and the future Swiss data protection law. Is that possible? And if so, how? We discuss this in this article.

The Opt-in Rate Is the Key to Good Marketing

Günter Glasauer

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