Unic gewinnt Sitecore Experience Award 2019
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Innovative Approach by kpt.ch Recognized With Sitecore Experience Award

  • Cléa Fierz

Unic has been awarded the Sitecore Experience Award in the „Most Innovative Use of Sitecore as a Digital Experience Platform“ category with KPT. It is our thirteenth award from Sitecore in seven years. The jury was impressed by the novel and innovative approach, which includes a seamlessly integrated premium calculator and a multifunctional shopping cart.

The Sitecore Experience Awards 2019

The Sitecore Experience Awards recognize brands that have built truly customer-centric, digital environments using Sitecore technology.

The Award Honors the Unique and Innovative Approach of kpt.ch

With KPT, we have won the “Most Innovative Use of Sitecore as a Digital Experience Platform” award for the EMEA region. This category focuses on projects with an innovative approach for exceptional digital user experience or efficient business processes.

We were able to significantly improve customer experience with the relaunch. This is illustrated by the following two indicators:

  • 20% increase in online transactions since the relaunch of kpt.ch
  • #1 in customer satisfaction 2019, rated by amPuls

Award-winning Innovation – a Website With an Integrated Premium Calculator and Shopping Cart

Unic was able to win this award with an entirely new approach: kpt.ch is the first insurance company in Switzerland to fully integrate the online premium calculator into its website and offer its users a seamless transition to the multifunctional shopping cart.

With Sitecore, we created a groundbreaking ecommerce platform that integrates the website with calculator tools, making it easy for customers to select and purchase the right insurance products.

Innovation I: The Website is Also a Premium Calculator

Calculation of the premium has been fully integrated into the website. Product information, premium calculation and buying an insurance policy have become a single, seamless process. There is no more skipping between the premium calculator and product information on the website.

This enables users to independently determine the most suitable insurance package for themselves and their family members.

Innovation II: Introducing the Shopping Cart

Another innovative approach is the shopping experience at kpt.ch: Users can now buy insurance policies as simply and easily as buying food. In terms of visualization and content, the products have been designed to be perceived as „buyable objects“. Just like in an online shop, users can place the selected insurance policies into a shopping cart.

Up to six persons can be added and their premiums can be calculated individually. All products selected by customers for themselves and their family members are placed in a joint shopping cart and can be further configured and customized from there.

Customers can save their shopping cart before purchasing. They can then access the cart later from any device and trigger an offer or buy the insurance policies.

Innovation III: Do It Yourself or Use the Smart Assistant – It’s Up to You

There are two possible gateways to the kpt.ch product range:

  • User A wants to find out about health insurance products by herself. She browses the products on the website. She enters all the data to determine the premium and sees the customized rate for her age group, region and franchise on every product page.
  • User B would like some help with his evaluation. KPT provides him with a „smart assistant“ that takes him step by step to the suitable insurance policy.
All the rules needed for this assistance are built with Sitecore functionalities. It’s a completely dynamic system that lets KPT change steps, add new steps, delete steps, etc., without additional development.

Unic and Sitecore – a Long-standing Partnership Decorated With Awards

We’ve been a Sitecore partner for many years – since 2010, to be exact. Up to this day, we’ve always managed to win in one of the categories and have brought home one of the coveted awards 13 times. Our first award came in 2012 when we won the „Site of the Year“ award with Swiss & Global Asset Management. We continued this success story with awards including the „Best E-Commerce Site“ award 2013 for JURA, the Experience Awards for Feller and Suva 2015 and the „Best Web Content Experience“ 2018 for Liechtensteinische Landesbank.

Unic is Your Digital Agency for Sitecore Projects

As an experienced Platinum Implementation Partner and winner of the most Sitecore Experience Awards, we are the ideal digital agency for your successful web project with Sitecore.